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Historical Background
General Remarks
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The Children's Crusade
The Consequences of the Crusades
The Sixth Crusade (1248-1254)
In 1244, Jerusalem finally fell. A group of Khwarezmian soldiers plundering Damascus surprised the Holy City and a few thousand Christians were killed.

After 4 years of preparation, the crusade of Louis IX commenced in 1248. The troops passed the winter in Cyprus and once again set their destination on conquering Egypt.

In June 1249, the crusaders took Damiette. After a military defeat in Egypt, the army withdrew to Damiette, where Louis was taken captive and ransomed in exchange for Damietta. He withdrew to Acre and began to rebuild the remaining crusader cities. In 1254, he ran out of money and returned to France, where many considered him to be a saint.

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